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Can't Stop Me Parkinson's Program- Rock Steady Boxing

What is the “Can’t Stop Me” Parkinson’s Program?

“Can’t Stop Me” Parkinson’s Program is a disease specific exercise program focused on impacting participants’ tone, rigidity, and overall function. The program consists of 5 different components designed to slow down disease progression and develop new neuro pathways to improve function. The five components include, PD Dance, High Intensity Exercise, Keep Moving, PD Music, and Rock Steady Boxing.

Who can participate in rock steady boxing?

All individuals with Parkinson’s Disease regardless of age and disease progression. Modifications will be made for individuals as necessary. Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease looking to improve their tone, rigidity, and overall function. Individuals do not need boxing experience to participate in this program.

What can I expect from rock steady boxing?

  • Heavy bag training
  • Speed bag training
  • Voice projection exercises
  • Cardiovascular circuit training
  • Partner training
  • Functional exercises

Why rock steady boxing?

Numerous studies have supported the idea that rigorous exercise, emphasizing gross motor movement, balance, core strength, and rhythm, could positively impact range of motion, flexibility, posture, gait, and activities of daily living. Rock Steady Boxing in a non-contact boxing curriculum for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease that follows the concept of intense “forced” exercise. Studies have shown that this form of exercise may be neuro-protective, or actually slow down the PD disease process. Participants in the Rock Steady Boxing class will also experience benefits from increased aerobic activity, vocal training, and cognitive stimulation.

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This program was made possible through a grant from the La Crosse Community Foundation.