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Call the STAR HOTLINE at 608-305-4601 for up the minute program cancellations due to the weather.

The STAR Center Story

When a popular La Crosse area sled hockey program expanded to other sports, the people behind those programs were inspired to think big.

The Coulee Region Sled Hockey Association had been formed to address the lack of opportunities for those with physical disabilities, demonstrating significant gains in strength, endurance and functional skills. These successful experiences were motivation to expand innovative, student-assisted community-based assistive exercise programming to meet the needs of people with other disabilities.

By 2017, the expanded programs and a larger mission prompted the creation of the Sports, Therapeutic and Adaptive Recreation (STAR) Association to address the issue of health equity in our community.

The STAR Association is led by a 17-member board of directors. These directors and collaborative partners—including the two health systems and three educational institutions that partnered to create the successful La Crosse Health Science Consortium—bring broad experience in advancing solutions for community health, disability issues and health disparity.

The STAR board includes community members who have physical challenges themselves.

Woman playing sled hockey