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Resources for all

ALL people with disabilities, chronic conditions or those recovering from strokes or accidents will benefit from participating in the STAR Center’s array of all-inclusive programs. Every individual will have the opportunity to choose the type of programming that best suits their needs—community-based assistive exercise, adaptive programming, or inclusion programming.


Fun, fulfilling STAR Center fitness programs and activities help young people reach their full potential and live their healthiest lives. STAR Center adaptive physical education introduces youth to new activities that may become life-long passions. Here, youth can stay active, try new things, make new friends and have lots of fun.

Adults and seniors

STAR Center programs and activities meet the needs and preferences of all adults and senior citizens, helping them achieve their fitness goals. Plus, expert assistance in every program ensures maximum benefit and enjoyment!


The STAR Center is a veteran-community-based program in conjunction with the VA and MOVE United/Warfighters. Veterans of all ages and abilities—Wounded Warriors, Warfighters and veterans experiencing PTSD, social isolation and other conditions—will have access to rewarding, therapeutic activities. And all activities are completely free. We’re honored to help veterans support their overall wellbeing with veterans fitness programs, wheelchair sports, adaptive sports and more.

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Community resources

Student Collaboration

The STAR Center is a community collaborative. We work closely with our three local universities including, The University of Wisconsin- La Crosse, Viterbo University, and Western Technical College.

“The STAR Center bridges the medical model to the community model. That bridge doesn’t exist to the extent it should, because most health clubs aren’t set up to accommodate the health and wellness needs of individuals with disabilities.”

Jeff Legler, PT, MHA
Director of Rehabilitation Services,
Mayo Clinic Health System