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Physical Activity for Lifelong Success (PALS)

What is PALS?

The PALS Program is an evidence-based program designed to help older adults who are sedentary become more active. The program meets 3 times a week for 10 weeks, followed by 10 weeks of coaching sessions (calls or in-person) to facilitate behavior change and improve physical activity levels of participants. PALS has been proven to improve walking speed and improve walking distance. Sessions consist of group learning and an exercise circuit that helps individuals gradually build strength, balance, and stamina. 

Who can participate in PALS?

PALS workshops are best for individuals:

  • 60 years and older
  • who currently exercise less than 60 minutes per week or haven’t exercised in a long time
  • who have fallen less than twice within the past year
  • who do not use walkers indoors and are without a diagnosed cognitive disorder